Title 28, chapter 51, Idaho Code, governs security breaches that affect Idahoans. Idaho law defines a security breach as: “the illegal acquisition of unencrypted computerized data that materially compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of personal information for one or more persons maintained by an agency, individual or a commercial entity.”

Idaho Code § 28-51-105(1) requires an Idaho public agency to notify the Attorney General’s Office within 24 hours of discovering a breach of its security system. A commercial entity that experiences a breach may notify the Attorney General’s Office but is not required to do so.

Public agencies and commercial entities may report security breaches to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at consumer_protection@ag.idaho.gov or at:

Attorney General’s Office
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0010

Questions regarding Idaho’s security breach notification law may be directed to deputy attorney general Stephanie N. Guyon at 208-334-4135 or at stephanie.guyon@ag.idaho.gov.

The following list includes the security breach notices the Attorney General’s Office has received since January 1, 2021:

Notifying Agency or Entity Notification Date 
City of Sun Valley 4/17/2024
Permian Resources Corporation 4/3/2024
City of Sun Valley 3/21/2024
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 4/2/2024
City of Coeur D’Alene 3/14/2024
TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company 2/18/2024
City of Coeur d’Alene 2/14/2024
Kestra Financial, Inc. 2/2/2024
Maximus Inc. 1/10/2024
Western Tool & Supply Co. 12/19/2023
Cutting Tools Inc 12/19/2023
Omnex Group, Inc 12/15/2023
CRC Insurance Services, LLC 12/8/2023
City of Waynesboro 11/30/2023
Aetna Life Insurance Company 11/29/2023
McLaren Health Care 11/9/2023
Fortra LLC 9/21/2023
Aetna Life Insurance Company 9/12/2023
HCA Healthcare 8/28/2023
Trane Technologies 8/18/2023
Milliman, Inc. 8/14/2023
Thirty One Gifts LLC 8/25/2023
Credit Control Corporation 8/23/2023
Baltimore County 8/11/2023
TIA-CREF Life Insurance Company 8/1/2023
Allegheny County, PA 7/28/2023
Maximus, Inc. 7/28/2023
Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company 7/28/2023
TIAA Kaspick LLC 7/27/2023
CRC Insurance Services LLC 7/26/2023
J&D Brush Co. LLC 7/26/2023
Pension Benefit Information LLC 7/21/2023
Brightline, Inc. 5/30/2023
Whitworth University 5/19/2023
NYSARC Columbia County Chapter 4/26/2023
Boise State University 4/26/2023
CHSPSC LLC 4/18/2023
AmericanEagle.com 3/29/2023
West Boise Sewer District 3/17/2023
CHSPSC LLC 3/8/2023
West Boise Sewer District 3/7/2023
TIAA Bank 2/21/2023
Elmore County 1/13/2023
Wings Etc. 12/31/2022
Elmore County 12/15/2022
Elmore County 12/14/2022
Natural Wellness 12/9/2022
SAIF Corporation 12/7/2022
Old Point National Bank 11/30/2022
North Idaho College 11/11/2022
Innovative Service Technology Management Services Inc. 11/16/2022
Drill Pro International, Inc. 11/14/2022
Beyond 79, LLC 10/31/2022
Gumshoe, Scott 10/25/2022
Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. 10/17/2022
Allied Urological Services, LLC 7/13/2022
Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC 7/6/2022
MCG Health, LLC 6/13/2022
Post Falls Police Department 5/10/2022
Lewis and Clark Community College 4/25/2022
Santa Fe Opera 4/19/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services LLC 4/11/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services LLC 3/25/2022
Teton County 3/24/2022
Shelley School District 3/23/2022
Horizon Actuarial Services LLC 3/22/2022
Teton County 3/3/2022
Washington State Department of Licensing 2/28/2022
Shelley School District 2/23/2022
Post Falls Police Department 2/22/2022
Valley Regional Transit 1/14/2022
Jefferson County Parks & Recreation 12/20/2021
Idaho Department of Correction – Kronos 12/13/2021
Valley County, Idaho 12/10/2021
Atalanta Corporation 12/8/2021
Blue Cross of Idaho 12/8/2021
City of Arco, Idaho 12/3/2021
Weller Agency, Inc. 12/2/2021
Idaho Military Division 11/22/2021
McAllen Surgical Specialty Center Ltd. 10/22/2021
Valley Regional Transit 10/19/2021
Plumstead Township, NJ 10/8/2021
Royell Manufacturing 9/27/2021
Carmel Clay Schools 9/20/2021
Public Employee Retirement System (PERSI) 8/24/2021
Twin Falls County, Idaho 8/12/2021
Heaton & Company PLLC 7/23/2021
Security National Master Holding 7/15/2021
Kelly Klee, Inc. 7/14/2021
Birtcher Anderson and Davis 7/9/2021
Professional Business Systems, Inc. 7/1/2021
Texas Blue 6/29/2021
Arnoff Moving & Storage, Inc. 6/10/2021
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. 6/10/2021
Progrexion ASG, Inc. 6/8/2021
Accucom Corporation 5/27/2021
NEC Networks, LLC 5/18/2021
Progrexion ASG, Inc. 5/12/2021
Baldwin Risk Partners LLC 4/22/2021
The Surgicare Center of Utah 3/19/2021
AHT Insurance 3/19/2021
Manson Construction Co. 3/18/2021
Humana 2/23/2021
Bannock County, Idaho 2/11/2021
SapphireFoxxBeyond.com 1/27/2021
American Frame Corporation 1/25/2021
BSH Home Appliances Corporation 1/20/2021
National Western Life Insurance Company 1/14/2021