The Attorney General of the State of Idaho has joined nationwide settlements resolving opioid-related claims with Johnson & Johnson and three major opioid distributers, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson. These settlements resolve legal claims by participating States and local governments stemming from actions that fueled the opioid-addiction crisis. All 44 Counties, 24 eligible Cities, and 7 Regional Health Districts have also agreed to participate in the settlements and will directly receive funds under the settlements. Certain Hospital, Fire, and School Districts have also agreed to participate in the settlements which has enabled Idaho to receive the maximum amount of funds available under the settlements.

Idaho and participating subdivisions will receive over 119 million dollars over 18 years. The State, participating cities and counties, and participating health districts entered into the Idaho Intrastate Allocation Agreement, which governs how opioid settlements funds allocated to Idaho will be split. The Agreement provides that 40% of funds will go to the State; 40% to participating cities and counties; and 20% to participating health districts. All of the opioid settlement funds must be used for approved opioid remediation programs. Opioid settlement funds allocated to the State will be deposited into the State-Directed Opioid Settlement Fund, created by Idaho Code § 57-825. Funds from the State Directed Opioid Settlement Fund will be appropriated by the Idaho Legislator to fund approved opioid remediation programs based on recommendations made by the Idaho Behavioral Health Council. Information about the Idaho Behavior Health Council is available at

This webpage will be updated periodically to provide current information on the status of the settlement agreements, participation by local governments, and payments made under the agreements