(BOISE) – The State of Texas is now in a legal dispute with the Biden Administration.  Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision stating the federal government could remove razor wire that Texas placed to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants into their state, given the Administration’s complete lack of action on this invasion.  However, the SCOTUS ruling didn’t say Texas couldn’t continue to install razor wire in new locations, or replace or repair those same removed barriers, or that Texas was wrong to place them in defense of their state sovereignty.

“The last three years of the Biden Administration have been an absolute windfall to human traffickers, modern-day sex slavery, drug cartels, and foreign terrorist groups exploiting the lack of enforcement and flooding across our Southern border,” said Attorney General Raúl Labrador.  “Every state, including Idaho, feels the impact from this lack of border enforcement.  Our fentanyl deaths in Idaho tripled in 2021, and then doubled the year after that.  We are being held hostage to the Administration’s inaction.”

The lawsuit from Texas against the federal government was triggered after the Administration’s Border Patrol cut holes in the razor wire more than 20 times in a single month, and in one case, used a forklift to raise the wire to let in more than 300 illegal immigrants.  Many of these barriers are placed, with permission, on private property that adjoins the border. The abject lack of federal enforcement has encouraged illegal immigration in unprecedented numbers.

Attorney General Labrador and 25 other Attorneys General from around the country issued a letter to President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admonishing the Administration to enforce immigration laws.  The letter noted that more than six million people have illegally crossed into the United States in just under three years – a combined population of both Utah and Iowa. The letter concluded, “If you cannot bring yourselves to enforce the law, get out of the way so Texas can.”

“It’s an invasion by every rational definition of the term, and the Biden Administration has gone from incompetently turning a blind eye to actively encouraging it, said Attorney General Labrador.  “As sovereign states and as a nation of laws, we stand with Texas. We should all stand with Texas.”