(BOISE) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has issued the following statement regarding a recent high-profile child protection case and the actions of some protestors.

“As provided by law, Idaho’s child protection system has helped protect thousands of our most vulnerable young people who can’t otherwise protect themselves. This system works because it’s deliberate, provides due process, is directed by laws that clearly outline when and how state intervention may occur, and is staffed by caring, selfless people.

“I’ve been disappointed by some protestors’ actions this week. Protesting is a right guaranteed in our Constitution and I will passionately defend that right. But targeting and attempting to intimidate social workers, police officers and members of the judiciary who are simply doing their jobs to protect a vulnerable human life goes too far. It also ignores the fact that the child protection system provides a legal process for these matters to be adjudicated. None of us can take the law into our own hands in this fashion. Doing so is contrary to the Rule of Law and our republican form of government.”