(Boise) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has announced a court’s approval of a  settlement agreement with S & R Leavitt, LLC, d/b/a PMS Dune Rentals, a company that rents recreational vehicles (UTVs/ATVs) at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. The settlement includes Reynold Leavitt, who manages day-to-day operations at PMS Dune Rentals.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection investigation began in June 2020 and was based on multiple consumer complaints. They addressed allegedly damaged vehicles, unnecessary repairs made to the allegedly damaged vehicles, and a lack of itemized billing or work orders for the purported repairs.

In December, the parties agreed to a settlement that Madison County District Judge Steven Boyce approved on January 11, 2021. The settlement addresses the issues that consumers raised in their complaints and requires the company and Leavitt to make changes to their business practices. The changes include:

  • providing clear and conspicuous website disclosures related to rental costs;
  • online posting of all documents the company requires customers to sign;
  • promptly providing consumers with all documents showing evidence of damages, repair costs, or charges;
  • promptly refunding any money collected the company can’t document as necessary to cover a repair cost;
  • completing repairs of damaged vehicles with reasonable diligence to limit the company’s economic damages;
  • responding to consumers’ written requests within a reasonable time; and
  • responding to complaints from the Office of the Attorney General within 21 days.

Leavitt must also pay the Office of the Attorney General $3,500 for fees and costs related to the investigation.