(Boise) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and the Idaho Supreme Court are issuing a consumer alert following reports of a misleading advertisement being mailed to Idahoans.

One Idaho resident recently reported receiving the advertisement in an envelope prominently labeled “ID-Ada County District Court,” though it included a return address in Florida. The envelope indicates it is from a “Disbursement Department.” The advertisement inside includes a second reference to Ada County District Court and two images of the Idaho flag. The advertisement includes language indicating a future “monetary entitlement” has been flagged and that the recipient could be eligible for “thousands of dollars.”

In this latest case, the recipient reported getting two such advertisements in the mail over the course of three months. It is possible that copies of the advertisement mailed to addresses in other parts of Idaho may list counties other than Ada.

The advertisements are commercial solicitations from a for-profit company. They are not official communications from an Idaho court.

“If you ever have concerns about a mailing that appears to be from an Idaho court, please call your county clerk’s office — they can confirm whether it is from the state courts or not,” said Administrative Director of the Courts Sara Omundson.

Under Idaho law, it is unlawful for sellers to advertise using graphics, text, or styles that may mislead consumers into believing the ad comes from the government. Those found to be in violation of the law could be subject to action by the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

Images of the envelope and advertisement are available below.

Additional media contact: Nate Poppino, 208-296-9055, npoppino@idcourts.net