Boise, ID – The United States District Court for the District of Idaho denied a motion for a preliminary injunction and upheld Idaho’s SB 1100 as lawful.

On Thursday, Judge Nye of the US District Court denied the plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction that would have barred the implementation of Senate Bill 1100. Brought by a California plaintiff, Rebecca Roe, and the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, the lawsuit challenged as unconstitutional Idaho’s law to protect sex separation for school bathrooms, locker rooms, and overnight stays. Senate Bill 1100 requires that every public-school restroom or changing facility accessible by multiple persons simultaneously be used by only members of that sex. Additionally, the law requires separate sleeping quarters for members of each sex during school events where overnight lodging is shared. The law also provided accommodations for any student uncomfortable with using multi-use public facilities by ensuring the availability of single-use facilities.

The District Court agreed with Attorney General Raúl Labrador’s arguments regarding the law and denied plaintiffs’ request to enjoin the law. In short, the Court held that “S.B. 1100 is substantially related to the Government’s important interest in protecting the privacy and safety of students from those of the opposite sex while they are engaged in personal and private functions.” Contrary to the plaintiffs’ claims, the Court held that SB 1100 does not discriminate against transgender students.

In response to this legal victory, Attorney General Labrador said, “This is a significant win for our office. SB 1100 is a law designed to protect students. Society has separated these intimate facilities for time immemorial, and it is particularly important that the safety and privacy interests of minor students are protected. SB 1100 strikes the necessary balance in protecting those interests for all students.”

This case will move forward to trial, and the Attorney General will continue to defend Idaho’s laws in the district court and on any appeal to the Ninth Circuit, where he remains committed to upholding Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

Notably, the Civil Litigation and Constitutional Defense, under the leadership of Lincoln Wilson, successfully briefed and argued this case.

You can access the ruling here.