Boise, ID – After the Attorney General’s office worked with legislators to help close legal gaps needed to prosecute human trafficking, Attorney General Raúl Labrador is commending the Legislature for the passage of HB 341.  The legislation expands law enforcement’s ability to arrest, and then a prosecutor’s ability to prosecute, those who benefit from illegal sexual activity.

Attorney General Labrador greatly appreciates the countless hours his attorneys and investigators put in working with legislators to draft this significant legislation.

“Our team was happy to work with Rep. Jaron Crane, Sen. Abby Lee, and other lawmakers to get this important bill across the finish line. When signed into law, this new legislation will ensure law enforcement can hold accountable those profiting from human trafficking in Idaho. There is more work to be done, but I trust this legislation will make it easier for law enforcement and prosecutors to bring sex traffickers to justice in Idaho,” said Attorney General Labrador.

This legislation will repeal and replace Section 18-5606 of the Idaho Code, which law enforcement and prosecutors found to be too narrow in its scope. The broader definitions created by HB 341 will make it a felony with severe penalties to knowingly receive or accept anything of value from someone who engages in illegal sexual activity.

In addition to this legislation, the Office of the Attorney General and the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission will also draft reports for the Legislature that outline how the state’s policies could be improved to better protect victims of human trafficking. These reports will provide a starting place for future legislation to address these problems and provide enhanced protections for victims.

The full text of House Bill 341 can be found here.