(Boise) – “I’m disappointed that a shipment of spent fuel rods is being taken to a facility other than the Idaho National Laboratory,” Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said. “There is no doubt in my mind that INL is the appropriate place for this important research.”

“But even more disappointing is the Department of Energy’s decision not to participate in direct and meaningful negotiations that could have led to a resolution that served the interests of all parties.”

“Yet, I remain hopeful that DOE will recognize the necessity of curing its contractual breach of the 1995 Settlement Agreement,” Wasden said. “I encourage DOE to work with me, not only to ensure the agency’s commitments to the citizens of this state are honored, but in the belief that together, we can clear a pathway forward to future research and prosperity for the lab and the region.

“Partnerships can only thrive if the players agree not just to enjoy the benefits, but to also share in its obligations,” Wasden said.

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