(BOISE) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has announced a consumer protection settlement with Boise-based Four Seasons Window and Blind Cleaning and its owner Eric Biebuyck. Biebuyck (pronounced “Bee-buck”) has agreed to pay refunds to customers who prepaid for services they never received.

“I am pleased that Mr. Biebuyck is voluntarily returning money he did not earn,” Wasden said.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division received 14 complaints regarding Four Seasons Window and Blind Cleaning. Customer losses totaled more than $4500. All of the complaints allege that Biebuyck accepted upfront payments for cleaning services he failed to provide.

Consumers who lost money to Four Seasons Window and Blind Cleaning, but who did not file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General, have until October 15, 2017 to request a refund under the settlement. Consumers must file complaints with the Consumer Protection Division and include documentation to support their refund requests. The Attorney General’s <online consumer complaint form is available by clicking here>.

The Office of the Attorney General is sending a letter with information about the settlement to the 14 consumers who already filed complaints. Those consumers do not need to submit any additional documents.

Under the settlement, Biebuyck must perform all future window or blind cleaning services within a reasonable timeframe. Biebuyck must refund a customer’s money if he cannot perform a prepaid service within the agreed upon time.

“Consumers should be cautious when pre-paying for services that won’t be performed until a later date,” Wasden warned. “Before handing over any money, one should research the business through the Better Business Bureau, state licensing websites, and social media. Also, pay with a credit card when possible. Credit card companies allow a customer to dispute a charge for a service the customer never receives.”

In addition to paying restitution to consumers, Biebuyck agreed to pay the Office of the Attorney General $1000 for investigative fees.