Hope Card FAQs

I'm a domestic violence victim with a protection order. How do I get a Hope Card?

If you are in Idaho, please click here to request an Idaho Hope Card. If you are in another jurisdiction, please contact your local advocacy organization or court to see if they are currently participating in the Project.

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What is Full Faith and Credit?

The federal statute for full faith and credit is Title 18 USC ยง2265 which explains that one jurisdiction must recognize a qualified protection order issued by a foreign jurisdiction. A foreign jurisdiction could be another state, territory or Indian tribe.

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How did the Hope Card Program get started?

The Hope Card was created by John Oliveira, a special agent with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, after recognizing several problems with service delivery and protection order enforcement for victims of domestic violence. Conceived and created from his home in Montana, the Hope Card was piloted with the Crow Tribe of Montana and was immediately accepted by the Montana State Attorney General's Office, who took on the Project as a priority in their state to assist victims of domestic violence. The Hope Card Project owes a great thanks to the Crow Tribe and the State of Montana.

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How much does the Hope Card cost?

It does not cost anything to request a card.

















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