Master Settlement Agreement

Master Settlement Agreement Summary
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Master Settlement Agreement
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Private Citizens CANNOT Claim Payments from the Master Settlement Agreement

The Attorney General’s Office has received recent inquiries from private citizens hoping to claim money from the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. Payments are made ONLY to government plaintiffs. Despite what some recent advertising campaigns suggest, there is NO process for filing private claims against the proceeds.

The advertisements prompting questions to our office are designed to sell investment information. Ad claims such as “…U.S. taxpayers can claim a portion of the historic $206 billion tobacco settlement,” and “…it may surprise you to learn that you could personally claim a tax-free portion of this settlement!” are inaccurate and misleading. They refer, deceptively, to the fact that some of the government entities receiving payments under the Master Settlement Agreement have issued bonds securitized by those payments. Investors may purchase these bonds and, as a result, receive interest payments on the bonds. However, individuals cannot claim and receive money directly from Master Settlement Agreement proceeds.

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