Resources for Senior Citizens

Unfortunately, senior citizens are often easy targets for criminals, whether the crime is related to identity theft, fraud, abuse, or neglect. Seniors are generally more trusting and less likely to report crimes. For this reason, it is important to learn about the dangers present in our communities that target seniors. With proper education, many crimes can be prevented.

Senior Citizens Manual - Helpful information for senior citizens including fraud prevention, signing contracts, No Call Laws, internet safety, identity theft, hearing aids, healthcare, estate planning, and end of life issues.

Living Wills - Information on Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, and Idaho's Natural Death Act.

Heath Care Fraud Awareness - This helpful information provided by the USDA is geared towards helping you protect yourself from deceptive sales or advertising of fraudulent health care products.

Purchasing Medicines Online - USDA's tips for buying your medicines online.

Idaho Commission on Aging - Visit the ICOA website for information on ageing and disability resources.

Social Security Administration - This site includes helpful information on retirement, Medicare, and disability benefits.

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