Educational and Legal Manuals

Consumer Protection Manual
A guide to help you avoid fraud, and important information that will assist you if you do become a victim.

Ethics in Government
Learn how statutes govern the ethical behavior of public officers and ensure that public officials remain public servants.

Guidelines for Motor Vehicle Advertising in Idaho
Intended to assist motor vehicle dealers in properly and truthfully advertising automobiles for sale.

Information for Crime Victims and Witnesses
This manual provides an overview of crime victims' rights and explains how cases proceed through the court system.

Internet Safety Manual
This manual provides information on Internet safety for children, e–mail scams, spam, on-line shopping dangers, personal privacy, viruses, and much more. It is a wide-range look at the dangers of the Internet, and offers ideas on how you and your children can avoid being victims.

Landlord and Tenant Guidelines
This manual assists landlords and tenants of residential property in understanding their rights and responsibilities.

Lemon Law Manual
Created to assist car owners, auto manufacturers and car dealers in understanding their rights and responsibilities under Idaho's Lemon Law.

Open Meeting Law Manual
Learn how this law establishes a basic set of ground rules assuring the public's right to be informed, and to protect the public's right to observe and participate at public meetings.

Public Records Law Manual
Learn how this law establishes a basic set of ground rules securing the public's access to governmental records, while still preserving an individual's right to privacy.

Recorder's Law Manual
The Idaho Association of Counties provides a reference resource manual for personnel working in the recorder’s office. Questions on this manual should be directed to the Idaho Association of Counties at (208) 345-9126.

Regulatory Takings Act Guidelines
Guide to effectively protect the property rights of citizens and government.

Rights of Victims of Crime
This manual offers information on procedural rights of victims of crime in Idaho.

Senior Citizens Manual
Helpful information for seniors.

Service on an Idaho Nonprofit Board of Directors
Information for members of a nonprofit corporation's board of directors.

Young Adult Handbook
Helpful information for students and young adults.


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