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Public Corruption

County Prosecuting Attorneys and the County Sheriffs have primary responsibility for enforcing Idaho laws at the county level. As a rule, the Office of Attorney General has investigated and prosecuted cases at the county level only in limited circumstances, when a statute grants the Attorney General concurrent jurisdiction or where local authorities request assistance for a specific case. The Attorney General continues to assist local authorities in this manner.

In 2014, the Idaho Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1369, which gave the Attorney General additional responsibility and duty of investigating violations of state law by county officers who hold elective office. Senate Bill 1369 became effective July 1, 2014 as Idaho Code ยง 31-2002.

An on-line form for reporting violations of state law by county officers holding elective office is provided on the Idaho Attorney General's website. Before proceeding to the form, it is important that you please read and understand the Explanation of the Attorney General's Duties and Responsibilities in responding to complaints of violations.This will assist you in filling out the form and it will assist our office in processing your complaint.

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Report Public Corruption
AG's Duties and Responsibility Regarding Public Corruption