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Date: June 11, 2015

Attorney General Announces Coalition Devoted to Combatting Identity Theft and Preventing Fraud

(Boise) – A collection of nonprofits, advocacy groups and state government agencies committed to helping Idahoans learn about identity theft and prevent fraud are forming a new partnership, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced Thursday.

The 12-member coalition is now calling itself “The Idaho Scam Jam Alliance,” a title Wasden says demonstrates the commitment members have in arming Idahoans with the tools they need to protect themselves from con artists and cyber criminals.

“I commend the Idaho Scam Jam Alliance members for showing their future commitment by coming together under one umbrella organization,” Wasden said. “Now, Idaho consumers will have one, trusted source to turn to for information and resources for protecting themselves from scams and fraud.”

Previously, the ISJA members cooperated to host Scam Jam conferences across the state. These free, interactive seminars feature expert speakers, educational resources and strategies for recognizing fraud and preventing identity theft at a national, regional and community level.

The ISJA is hosting its next Scam Jam on June 20th in Boise on the Boise State University campus.

Scam Jams are essential because con artists are continually devising new schemes to separate consumers from their hard-earned money or retirement savings, Wasden said.

“My Consumer Protection Division receives complaints daily from people targeted or victimized by scammers,” Wasden said. “One thing that doesn’t change with these criminals is the new and inventive schemes they conjure up to take advantage of people of all ages and backgrounds.”

Last year, Scam Jams took place in Lewiston, Rupert, Weiser and Hailey.

The ISJA is self-funded through grants and internal processes from each member at no cost to taxpayers.  ISJA membership is completely voluntary.

Members include: AARP Idaho; Better Business Bureau; Boise State University Center of the Study of Aging; Idaho Attorney General’s Office; Idaho Commission on Aging; Idaho Crime Prevention Association; Idaho Department of Finance; Idaho Department of Insurance; Idaho Legal Aid Services; Justice Alliance for Vulnerable Adults; Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors and the Senior Medicare Patrol Program.

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