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Date: June 3, 2009

The New Chrysler Group LLC Will Honor “Lemon Law” Obligations

- Bankruptcy Court approves agreement with state Attorneys General

(Boise) - Fiat and the new “Chrysler Group LLC” have agreed to honor the “Lemon Law” rights of Chrysler buyers when the new company takes control of the U.S. auto maker, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said today. Wasden said state Attorneys General reached agreement with the new Chrysler Group LLC, which will be owned by Fiat, the UAW, the U.S., and Canada.

“The continuation of consumers’ rights under Idaho’s Lemon Law is a significant issue that has arisen in the wake of the recent auto manufacturers’ bankruptcies,” Wasden said. “I commend Fiat and the new Chrysler Group for its willingness to protect the interests of Chrysler’s customers, and I hope similar considerations will be extended to General Motors’ customers.”

Idaho’s “Lemon Law” provides consumers with rights and procedures to obtain a refund or a replacement vehicle if a new vehicle develops a significant problem that can’t be repaired after a certain number of repair attempts.

Attorney General Wasden said it was a very significant question whether the new company would be required to honor Lemon Law rights for vehicles sold or leased by the company prior to the upcoming closure of the “Old Chrysler” through the bankruptcy court.

Fiat and Chrysler Group LLC negotiated with state attorneys general and agreed to honor all the rights consumers had under the “Old Chrysler” to seek and obtain a refund or replacement vehicle if their vehicle has a significant or recurring problem.

Detailed information about Idaho’s Lemon Law is in the publication Idaho Lemon Law. The pamphlet is available in the Consumer Protection section of the Attorney General’s website at

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