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Date: February 20, 2015

Attorney General urges Idahoans to be Cautious in Wake of Anthem Security Breach

(Boise) – Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is encouraging Idaho consumers to be cautious and aware of fraud or scams in the wake of a massive security breach at Anthem Inc.

Anthem, one of the nation’s biggest health insurers, disclosed Feb. 4 that hackers had broken into servers and stolen Social Security numbers and other personal data. Wasden said the breach could impact millions of Americans and possibly tens of thousands of Idaho citizens due to Anthem’s relationship with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

“This is real, it’s big and I urge people across Idaho to be on guard against attempts to use stolen data in a fraudulent way,” Wasden said. “It’s difficult to know how many Idahoans have been exposed, but a very real potential exists for thousands of people to be harmed in some way.”

The breach could impact Idahoans who were enrolled in plans with Blue Cross of Idaho or Regence Blue Shield of Idaho and received health care in any areas serviced by Anthem during the last 10 years.

States served by Anthem include: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin.

For example, Wasden said an Idahoan who subscribed with Blue Cross of Idaho services and visited a doctor or emergency room in any of the states served by Anthem likely had their account processed by Anthem or one of its affiliates.

Wasden is also encouraging those potentially impacted by the breach to strongly consider Anthem’s effort to limit fallout. The company is offering 24 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft repair services to current or former members of an affected Anthem plan dating back to 2004. Information is available at:

Wasden said security breaches often trigger new waves of consumer fraud and scams, from using stolen Social Security numbers to open accounts to committing tax fraud.

“The key is being vigilant and mindful,” Wasden said. “If anything appears suspicious, it’s important to report that immediately.”

For more information, visit Anthem’s website at:

Idaho consumers can also call the Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at (800) 432-3545 or (208) 334-2424.

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