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Date: August 22, 2011

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden Warns Idaho Consumers Not To Respond to Fraudulent Banking Messages

(Boise) - The Attorney General’s Office has received many reports recently regarding phone calls and text messages claiming to be from various financial institutions, including Wells Fargo Bank, Boise Federal Credit Union and Home Federal Bank.  The calls and texts state that recipients’ credit or debit cards have been compromised, and instruct them to call a phone number to provide information and reactivate the card.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden warns Idaho consumers not to respond to these fraudulent messages. “Your bank will never contact you to ask for your account number.  Your bank already knows your account number,” Attorney General Wasden said.  “These messages are ‘phishing’ attempts by people trying to steal your account information so they can steal your money.”

Any consumer who did responded and gave out an account number or PIN number should contact their financial institution immediately, Wasden said.  Use the customer service number on your most recent statement or look up the number in the phone book.  Do not use the phone numbers provided in text, phone or e-mail messages.

Although this type of scam has been around for years, the recent surge is alarming.  “These messages are designed to reach as many potential victims as possible,” Wasden said.  “The senders do not know anything about you or your card.  Many people who have received the messages do not have accounts with the bank or credit union purportedly sending the message.”

Wells Fargo is currently investigating these phishing scams and requests that consumers forward suspicious messages using Wells Fargo’s name to

The Attorney General’s Office publishes an Identity Theft manual to assist consumers whose personal information has been stolen. For more information, visit or call the Consumer Protection Division. In the Boise area, call (208) 334–2424. Elsewhere in Idaho, call the toll–free number, (800) 432–3545.

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