Lewis-Clark Valley Healthcare Foundation

The Lewis-Clark Valley Healthcare Foundation (“LCVH Foundation”) administers a $25 million endowment fund that was established through the Attorney General’s March 2017 agreements with Ascension Health and RCCH HealthCare Partners. The LCVH Foundation was established to benefit the healthcare needs of the people within the nine counties that St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, as a nonprofit hospital, once served.

Community Advisory Board

The Attorney General’s Office is accepting applications from people in the Lewis-Clark Valley to serve on the LCVH Foundation’s Community Advisory Board. The Board’s purpose is to encourage the public’s input in deciding what programs to support with the endowment money. Board members will create governance rules, approve an investment policy statement, develop grant-making policies, determine what grants to award, and review investment reports.

Residents of the Lewis-Clark Valley, healthcare providers and advocates, community and religious leaders, academics, and persons with experience in philanthropy are encouraged to submit an application form.

Information Sheet - Includes information about where to submit the application and the Attorney General’s review process.

Application Form - The form application that all board applicants must complete and submit. Applicants are welcome to provide additional information, but only the form is required.

Other Documents

Read the Attorney General's Opinion
Ascension Agreement with the Attorney General
RCCH Agreement with the Attorney General
Declaration of Trust

This webpage is dedicated to keeping the public informed about the LCVH Foundation’s activities and will be updated with information about the Board and the programs the LCVH Foundation helps support.

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