Idaho Gasoline Issues

Attorney General Wasden shares concerns held by all Idahoans about the impact high gasoline prices can have on individual pocketbooks, family budgets and the costs of doing business across the state. Accordingly, the Consumer Protection Division monitors gas prices every single week. See below for more information about Idaho gas prices and previous reports compiled by the Attorney General on prices at the pump.

A variety of factors contribute to the overall cost of a gallon of gasoline in Idaho and the rise and fall of those prices at stores across the state. Some factors are obvious, like the economic theory of supply and demand. But prices also impacted by the economic theory of supply and demand, refining costs and Idaho’s distribution system. Click here to learn more about the price of gas in Idaho and to better understand limited role the Attorney General has in regulating those prices.

2008 Report of Motor Fuel Prices in Idaho

The Idaho Legislature’s Interim Committee on Energy, Environment and Technology invited the Attorney General’s Office to discuss current issues relating to the high price of gasoline. Deputy Attorney General Brett DeLange, Chief of the Consumer Protection Division, spoke to the committee and delivered a written report on June 25, 2008. Read the full report.

2006 Report on Investigation of Post-Katrina Gasoline Prices in Idaho

October 13, 2006 - Attorney General Lawrence Wasden today released the report of his office’s investigation of retail gasoline prices in Idaho following Hurricane Katrina. The report concludes that the high gasoline prices experienced in Idaho in late summer and early fall of 2005 were not caused by illegal activity by Idaho retailers.  Read the full news releaseRead the report.

1999 Report on Motor Fuel Prices in Idaho

On September 23, 1999, Idaho Attorney General Alan G. Lance appointed an advisory committee to study the high gasoline prices that persisted in the State of Idaho throughout the summer months.  The charge of the Committee was to determine the cause of high prices and to make recommendations as to what actions might be effective to remedy them.  Read the report.

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