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24/7 Sobriety and Drug Monitoring Program

The 24/7 Sobriety Program monitors individuals who have committed crimes driven by drugs or alcohol. The program requires participants to provide breath tests twice a day, or drug tests multiple times a week, through participating jurisdictions.

The participant must pay a fee for each breath test or urinalysis. These participant fees pay for program related expenses. (Fees to be determined.)

The program can be used for people at every stage of the judicial process – for pre-trial release, as a part of their sentence, or during their probation or parole. The 24/7 program can also be used as an alternative to mandatory sentencing, such as license suspension and ignition interlock.

Objectives of the Program

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Improve public safety
  • Alternative to incarceration
  • Encourages participants to live and work soberly in our communities
  • Allow participants to have conditional or restricted driving privileges
  • Helps manage jail and prison populations

Why It Works

Immediate, measured, and moderate sanctions are what make the program so successful. If a participant misses or fails a test, they are immediately returned to jail for a short period. Evidence has regularly shown that punishment itself is often a stronger deterrent against criminal activity than the severity of a punishment. Research also indicates that people tend to respond to immediate consequences when compared to delayed consequences. This is especially true of those who tend toward drug and alcohol abuse.


  • 12% reduction in DUIs (South Dakota, 2005-2010)
  • 9% reduction in domestic violence (South Dakota, 2005-2010)
  • Fatal alcohol-involved car crashes declined from 83 per year to 54.5 (South Dakota, 2000-2014)
  • 99.3% of tests were passed. (South Dakota, 2005-2010)

Idaho Statues

67-1412 24/7 Sobriety & Drug Monitoring Program

67-1413 Sobriety & Drug Monitoring Program Created

67-1414 Rules & Testing Fees

67-1415 Authority of Court and Other Entities to Order Participation

67-1416 Collection, Distribution and Use of Testing Fees

For more information, please contact the 24/7 Program Coordinator Tami Faulhaber, at 208-334-4554.


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